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1 on 1 - Bi-weekly Payments

Reoccur payments every two weeks.

  • 1 hour
  • Teach Inspire Transform

Service Description

Bi-weekly payment option for our private 1:1 monthly. This package is with automated pay every two weeks from your start date. Sessions will be reserved via standing appointments. This means your child's sessions will take place on the same days and times each week. Our tutoring services are designed to provide children with a comprehensive education in phonics, spelling rules, mathematics, writing, and reading comprehension skills. We create a dynamic learning environment where students engage in a range of activities, games, and exercises to foster a deep understanding of the connections between letters and sounds. Letter-Sound Mastery: Students will become proficient in recognizing and articulating the distinct sounds of consonants and vowels. Phonemic Awareness Development: Through captivating exercises, students will sharpen their phonemic awareness abilities, including the skills of blending, segmenting, and manipulating sounds in words. Decoding: Students will excel in decoding words, confidently recognizing phonetic patterns and utilizing this knowledge to read unfamiliar words with ease. Sight Word Recognition: In addition to phonics instruction, students will be introduced to high-frequency sight words, allowing them to swiftly recognize and read commonly encountered words in various texts. Reading Fluency Improvement & Comprehension Enhancement: Guided reading sessions will guide students in practicing reading aloud with expression, precision, and comprehension. As students progress, they will concentrate on enhancing their reading comprehension skills, enabling them to grasp and interpret various types of texts effectively. This will enhance their reading fluency and comprehension. Spelling Proficiency: Students will apply their phonics knowledge to become adept spellers, using phonetic principles to spell words accurately. Vocabulary Enrichment: Activities to stimulate vocabulary development, empowering students to comprehend and use new words in their reading and writing. Creative Writing Opportunities: Students will have the chance to express themselves through creative writing exercises, applying their phonics knowledge to construct sentences and create short stories. Mathematics: Number Sense, Word Problem Solving Abilities, and Critical T Where: 107 NE 3rd St, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 Price: $280+tax every two weeks (twice per month)  Payment Dates: 1st & 15th of each month (Lessons do not begin until payment is complete)

Contact Details

  • 107 NE 3rd St, Hallandale Beach, FL, USA

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