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Meet the Team.

Our team is passionate about helping students reach their highest academic achievement.  We believe in providing guidance and support that empowers students to believe in themselves and strive for academic excellence. Our tutoring approach goes beyond traditional teaching and encourages students to be disciplined, become independent learners, and inspired.

Amanda Paez

Founder & Lead Tutor


Hey there, I'm Amanda! I am thrilled to introduce myself as the founder and lead educator of Teach Inspire Transform. I have been sharing my teaching skills for over a decade, and my experience in one-on-one tutoring dates back to 2018. To boost my knowledge, I have completed certification courses in Child Psychology and hold Florida Child Care Professional Credentials and Directors.  My recent classroom experience includes second grade and substituting for kindergarten to fifth grade.

Our Team.

David Teacher

Meet David, a passionate educator with more than ten years of classroom teaching experience under his belt. His love for teaching extends beyond formal education, as he has also engaged in extracurricular activities in both New York City and Florida. David's creativity knows no bounds, as he has spearheaded residencies and workshops that focus on creative writing and spoken-word poetry. Working with adult learners as David is thrilled to share his knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn!

David Quinon

Virtual Online Tutor

Hiba-Profile Picture_edited.png

Hiba Kakli

Trusted Tutor

Meet Hiba, a dynamic and dedicated professional with a recent degree in education. Her passion lies in working with diverse students, and her journey has provided invaluable experience in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and English as a Second Language (ESL) at the elementary level. Hiba thrives on creating inclusive and engaging learning environments.

She is excited to begin her teaching career with us and is driven by the chance to positively impact young minds.

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Trusted Tutor

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